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Secure Text Messaging Support

Discover the power of private SMS communication for appointments and delivery confirmations. Ensure user privacy while maintaining control over conversations. Leverage valuable insights for optimizing your business. Seamlessly book appointments and confirm deliveries with confidence. Enhance user experience in a secure and efficient environment.

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Deliver the Perfect Message at the Perfect Moment

Enhance engagement with seamless, timely notifications for appointments. Automated efficiency reduces costs and improves satisfaction. Customers easily confirm or reschedule via SMS, MMS, or voice. Create 'wow' moments with rich-media features. Optimize communication and create personalized experiences for lasting impact.

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Spark sales with targeted text messages

Elevate your brand with personalized SMS campaigns delivered directly to customers' pockets.

Boost engagement with real-time updates

Automate transactional SMS alerts for seamless order confirmations and shipping updates.

Send smarter SMS marketing campaigns

Improve your SMS strategy. Use campaign data and analytics to determine what works best for your target audience.

How to Send a Broadcast Text Message

Create a Textword List

To initiate a broadcast text, begin by creating a textword. The textword is a word or phrase that individuals can text to your number for subscription purposes. It also serves as the contact list where all your contacts are stored, and it's the recipient of your broadcast messages.

Grow your List

Effortlessly import your opted-in subscriber list into AndroSMS for seamless compliance with legal regulations. For new users, leverage our list-growth features like popups, QR codes, and opt-in forms. Engage your audience effectively with AndroSMS's versatile platform.

Send Your Broadcast Text

Once your list is ready, you can begin sending broadcast messages effortlessly. Simply choose the desired textword list, compose your message, and schedule it or send it instantly. To boost engagement, leverage personalization, segmentation, emojis, and MMS to make your messages stand out in recipients' inboxes.

Send Bulk SMS Across India with Ease

Discover the power of AndroSMS, a leading bulk SMS platform that allows you to send SMS messages effortlessly using multiple phones. With our user-friendly interface, you can efficiently connect and manage Android devices to send bulk SMS messages across India. Whether it's promotions, updates, or critical alerts, AndroSMS ensures seamless and timely delivery to your target audience. Experience enhanced communication, increased engagement, and improved customer interactions as you take your business to new heights with AndroSMS.

Register as a Client and Prepare for Sales

Register as a client and sign the Marketing Agreement. Our company will market and generate sales for your business on a commission basis. You won't pay for our marketers, and all campaign expenses will be covered by our company. Focus on growing your business while we handle the marketing efforts.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Bulk SMS enables businesses to reach a wide audience instantly, improve customer engagement, and deliver time-sensitive information efficiently, ultimately boosting brand visibility and increasing response rates.

Yes, compliance with regulations is vital, and recipients must provide explicit consent (opt-in) before receiving bulk SMS messages to ensure a legitimate and respectful communication channel.

Contacts can be managed through the bulk SMS platform, where you can organize lists, add or remove subscribers, and segment your audience based on specific criteria for targeted messaging.

Yes, most bulk SMS services allow personalization, enabling businesses to include individualized details like names, purchase history, or other custom information to make messages more relevant to recipients.

Yes, standard SMS messages are limited to 160 characters. However, some platforms allow you to send longer messages by concatenating multiple SMS into one long message.

Yes, some platforms support Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), which allows you to send multimedia content like images, videos, audio, or vCards, enhancing the impact of your messages.

Bulk SMS platforms provide delivery reports and analytics that show the status of each sent message, delivery rates, and click-through rates, allowing businesses to evaluate campaign performance.

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